Build Great Products for the Decentralised Web

Silicon Craftsment is a poweful community of early adopters, product people and developers working to create amazing Web 3.0 experiences for mass adoption.

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Everything in Blockchain is complex. We're here to make it easier. We simplify. We clarify.

Created by Makers for Makers

We are a group of ealy crypto users, product-minded people and serial builders leveraging NEAR's infrastructure for innovation to build the next wave of decentralised applications.

  • Users

    Creating the fastest path for new users to go from zero to Web 3.0 native.

  • Designers

    Learn about Blockchain. Design and deliver the dApps of the future.

  • Developers

    Learn the Basics of Product Design, UX/UI best practices and recruit top talent,

Drive Adoption Through Product Demos & Tutorials

High-quality content to take anyone from Zero to Web 3.0 Native in minutes. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be notified of the latest Demos and Tutorials.

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Community for Collaborative Design.

Silicon Craftsment Community Portal is a place for product designers and developers to connect, learn from each other and build the best version of their products.

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Top companies work with us

  • Learn from the best.
  • Connect with like-minded, ambitious people.
  • We got the tech, let's talk UX

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